26 May 2013

Yesteryou, Yesterme, Yesterday

Yesterday was a great day. The sun and warmth finally returned to London, I spent the afternoon/evening with some very dear friends and I watched a great game of football. East London was being that kind of awesome that only east London can be and I felt very happy and at peace with life.

In the morning I headed to the gym for a Body Pump session but sadly my faourite instructor is on holiday at the moment so a sub taught the class. He was pretty good, but nothing like Roo. That said, he did deliver a perfectly good 60 minute class and I was quite happy I managed to up my back track weights to 22.5kg (but only because it's a short track, my forearms were killing me), I also added some weights to the tricep track and managed to do the whole chest track with 20kg on the bar. After the pump class I decided to do another kilometer of swimming and it went good, even if I didn't swimas well as the day before - my arms were pretty tired from the class I'd just done. But I'm pretty happy that I now can swim a full kilometre of front crawl despite not being 'on top' - it's ahuge step for me!

Speaking of favourite instructors...do you have one? I am ridiculously picky with my instructors, hence meaning I've not been to the great BOOM! Cycle for a week or so - I've not been able to go to my regular classes and then I don't go at all. I know that all the other instructors are good too, but they don't make me work for it like for instance Mark and Martin does.

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