20 May 2013

Making Wise(r) Decisions

I don't usually make New Year's Resolutions, as I'm fairly certain I'd break any kind of resolution that went along the lines of 'stop eating chocolate digestives', 'lose a stone before summer' or 'spend less money'. All of those sounds boring and restrictive, and that's not how I want to live my life. It doesn't mean I shouldn't stop eating chocolate digestives, lose a stone or spend less money but it does mean that I'm not going to make a promise to the New Year's God that will make me feel like a failure if I can't keep it. I usually do come up with something to promise though, because when you're at a New Year's do and the weeks after people will ask you about it. This year I made two (kind of ) resolutions, and how's that worked out for me so far?

Well, the first one was to go to the cinema more often and I have since been to the cinema 3 times. Now, that might sound like a bit of a failure to you, but seeing that I went once during the whole of last year this means that I've already improved myself 300%! That's great statistics for you, and seeing that we're not even halfway through the year I think this particular resolution has got great potential!

The second one was on the more serious note, and it was to make wiser decisions. Wiser decisions regarding work, training and life in general. Like all people I've been known for making some stupid decisions, like agreeing to take over someone's on call only to then finish work at 3am and having to be back in for 8am. Bad, bad decision. When it comes to training I've also done some poor decisions, mainly due to being a bit too eager and not thinking things through clearly. Does anyone remember my pre-marathon illness this year?! I made some bad decisions then and that's why today I decided to let my aching hamstrings have a rest. Who could ever imagine that running 10k at high speed could give you sore legs?! It's probably only me who thought that running a 10k would leave you as comfortable as after a night in the sofa, accompanied by Ben & Jerry's....well it turns out it doesn't. It might be a different ache from a marathon and it is just soreness, and not an injury, but I still decided to scrap the whole project of cycling out to the gym in Leyton at 5.45am this morning and doing a Body Pump class. In line with my 'make wiser decisions' resolution I'm resting as a preventative measure, allowing my body to recover and not develop some stupid injury that will leave me unable to run for four months - that's just so, well, 2011....waaaaaay before my New Year's Resolution.

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  1. Det är aldrig för sent att försöka förändra saker man inte är nöjd med. Låter som kloka löften. :-)