15 May 2013

What Makes A Day Special?

This morning I read this list of things that makes a day special in Metro, as suggested by their readers. It made me think what made today special, for me:
1. A good set of intervals: This moning I ran intervals before work, 5x4min at 13k/h, with 2 minutes rest inbetween, then 2x2min at 14k/, with a minutes rest inbetween, and finally 2x1min 15k/h with a minutes rest inbetween. I felt strong and  my breathing wasn't esepcially laboured throughout - a perfect start to the morning!
2. A good breakfast: natural yoghurt, chopped nuts, a banana....delightful!
3. A lovely patient telling me I'm a great nurse: I take pride in my job and I always enjoy knowing people appreciate my efforts.
4. Finishing work before it's dark outside: for someone who frequently works to late it's such a treat.
5. Wearing jammies and watching a film in bed: a cup of tea and totally switching off from work and all the new responsibilities I've been given
What makes your day special?

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