13 May 2013

Camp Northern Lights Marathon

Yesterday the 2013 Camp Northern Lights Marathon took place at the military base in Mazar-e Sharif. At Camp Northern Lights Swedish peace keeping soldiers are stationed and is the head camp for the Swedish part of ISAF. Swedes are a people that like to run and do other physical exertions hence arranging a marathon at the camp!

The camp is 250x250 meters so a lap within the protective walls of the camp measure 1k, meaning that to run the full marathon they had to run 42 laps. There were several different categories/races - a relay, a half marathon, the full marathon and even a 'lazy marathon' which means you could walk or run the 26 miles spread out on several occasions during a week. There was a hydration station that they passed on every lap, keeping the participants well hydrated. The winner, Sven Thelin, fininshed the race in 3:28:25 despite the temperature reaching 30C!

Here are some pictures from the race, taken by Kajsa Norman/FS24 (here's the link to their blog) and borrowed from the Marathonblog at SvD:

Relay changeover for the winning team (2:48:01)
The winner, Sven Thelin
Claes Jeppson finishing the halfmarathon
The winning relay team

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