22 May 2013

This Is How I Roll

You know when you watch TV-Shop (don't deny it, we've all done it - mainly on Sunday's when we've been stuck in the sofa and too delicate to reach over and change the channels on the telly....) and they go '..and this product was originally created by NASA/the US Navy/etc'?! It is supposed to make you go 'oh wow, great, I NEED that salad rinser despite never eating salad!'. Well, I think that if the foam roller was ever to be advertised on TV-Shop then we'd probably get to hear that 'the foam roller has been developed by XX Army as a torture device and ir's fool proof!'.
Foam roller. The name is deceiving, it make it sound like it's all soft and, well, foamy. It makes it sound like you're in for a bit of a treat, like your muscles are about to get a aromatherapy massage, while in reality the foam roller is not soft but more like one of those massges where you see the massage therapist walk on the person they're treating. Deep deep tissue. Hardcore. No pain no gain. Go hard or go home (etcetera).
Or maybe it's just me who's got either the lowest pain threshold known to man (and I doubt tha as I once walked around with a burst appendix for three days before succumbing to hospital) or maybe muscles stiff and hard as bricks.... I know that theae foam roller sessions that I've started with will help, and the pain is the nice kind of pain (you know what I mean) but when you're in the middle of the sessions then I can't help but think that I'd never be able to survive child birth.

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