6 May 2013

Tourist Running

Today my friend Zoe and I took advantage of the absolutely beautiful weather here and went for a run in the sunshine. We'd decided to try out a new route today and since we were not going for a really long run we settled for ticking off some Royal Parks.

We met at Camden, heading for Regent's Park first. After crossing that park we ran down Baker Street and towards Hyde Park. Hyde Park was full of runners, ramblers and riders adding to the holiday feel (it's a bank holiday here today!). From Hyde Park we continued onto Kensington Gardens, passing the beautiful Kensington Palace. Zoe was going to her parents after our run so we took aim for Waterloo, passing a heaving Buckingham Palace and crossing through St James's Park. On the last stretch we passed Houses of Parliament and then sprinted to Waterloo. Reaching Waterloo we'd done 14k, which was pretty much what we'd wanted to do. Zoe took the train to Wimbledon and I got on the tube, getting off at Bethnal Green and there adding another 2k to my run.

Neither of us had great legs to run on, mine were feeling a bit heavy and tired and Zoe struggled a bit with shin splints after having done a long trail run in Croatia just a few days ago, but today was more about enjoying running and enjoying the weather rather than training hard.When coming home I quickly showered and got on my bike and cycled down to Brixton where I met my friends at Brockwell Park, chilling in the sunshine before getting on my trusty Trek and cycling home.

As stated today was not about focused training, today was about the joy of movement - running and cycling!

The Orangery at Kensington Palace
Kensington Palace gardens

Buckingham Palace as seen from St James's Park

Military music

Mile End Park

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