5 May 2013

Sunday Mix

Tonight I'm finishing off the week with some oven baked salmon and sweet potatoes, alongside a salad. Today I've been for a run in the lovely weather before cycling over to the West End and my swim training, where I got so much praise for my back stroke that I almost felt myself blushing. Sunday swimming has really become one of the highlights of my week, both meeting the crew I swim with and also doing a coached session - my swimming has improved to no end since starting swimming for Coach Martin!
Yesterday I went through with my normal routine of Body Pump followed by a punishing 60 minute session on the bike with Mark at BOOM! Cycle. Both sessions felt great, I was strong and focused and could really push myself.
Tomorrow I'm off, as it's a bank holiday, and my friend Zoe and I have decided to go on some tourist running. We're going to start in Camden, cross Regents Park and then head to Hyde Park - exciting!

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