10 May 2013

Train Like Mo Farah

I bloody love Mo Farah.

If I am to recommend one website for you this week it's definitely Full Potential. Full Potential offers personal coaching for all runners, they arrange trips to races and training camps - and they also have a free Runclub! If you join the Runclub you get access to a database covering all things running and this week they've featured a series of core exercises from Mo Farah's coach Alberto Salazar, exercises to strengthen your core muscles. It's not your usual sit ups and planks, it's full body exercises to stabilize and strengthen that all important core.

So did I train like Mo Farah today? Weeell...I ran, so I guess that counts as training like Mo Farah. Today I did some 1k intervals and instead of my usual rigid routine I improvised a little. To tell the truth, I didn't really have a choice as the bloody fire alarm went off 20 minutes into my interval session and the whole gym had to evacuate! As much as I love firemen, they did disrupt my session. Anyway, to get back to my running I ran my first four intervals at 4 minutes 36 seconds/k pace, the following two at 4 min 26 seconds/k pace and the last one at 4 minutes 16 seconds/k pace, with a 2-3 minute long rest inbetween. Finishing off the set I wasn't dying, but I was tired and I felt like I'd done a good days work. I clocked 12k in total and was happy with my running considering my glutes and hamstrings are sore.

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