19 May 2013

Dreaming of Boston

Have you guys ever heard of that calculator where you put in your 5 or 10k race time and you'll get a predicted time on the half and full marathon distance?! After Saturday's 10k race I googled that time calculator and this is the data I got, with a 10k time of 45:43....

  • 5k - 21:49
  • 10k - 45:43
  • Half Marathon - 1:41:22
  • Marathon - 3:32:19
Now this is intresting. The qualifying time for Boston for my age group is 3:35 and the last marathon I ran I finished in 3:44:15 and I wasn't knackered when crossing the finish line. I know that this is just a theoretical calculation but I'm willing to give it a go, willing to put some serious effort into this. So what do you say, do you think I could do it?

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