17 May 2013

When In Doubt, Talk To Your Mum

Mums, aren't they just the best?! I've put my mum through a lot, from teenage years plagued by eating disorders (if you ever want to know who it hurts the most, it's definitely the people who loves you) to moving to another country (as the baby of the family, mum still doesn't think that I should be so far away from home...). Mum (and also dad!) has always been my biggest fan and supporter and whilst I frequently doubt my abilities, she never does - like when I was dumbstruck by my PB on the Manchester marathon and mum just calmly replied 'I knew you had it in you'.

After yesterday's swimming debacle and my dented confidence I today had a bit of a whinge to mum Eriksson on Skype and what did she do?! She laughed at me, and calmly pointed out that I'll have to get over myself and get working. She then proceeded to tell me that the weather back home was great and outlined what she's going to grow in the garden this summer. So what's the moral of this story? Don't let a bruised ego get in the way from what you want. Eat some humble pie (as Alex would say in Everything is Illuminated), swallow your pride and put some serious effort in. I'll see you all in the pool, people!

English vs Swedish weather at the moment.....remember there's always a silver lining, even for Eeyore!

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