1 Apr 2013


I'm an extremely goal orientated person. As in the picture above I set a goal and use a meticulous plan to reach that goal. See I love a good plan, it makes me feel safe and gives me a sense of purpose - as long as I stick to the plan I know I'll reach my goal. That's why falling ill makes me nervous, as it makes me stray from the plan. I lose one, two, three training sessions and it fill me with insecurites and messes with my self confidence. All of a sudden I start wondering if I'll really be able to run that marathon but this is where I need to take a deep breath, keep calm and carry on. Have faith in your body and your abilities, a few missed sessions wont break you but training too much might.

Yesterday I went for a quiet session with my sister, dressed in my new Adidas Adipure Motion shoes, laying down 11 slow kilometres in the Swedish sunshine. It might not have been my best run ever but it soothed my bruised self confidence and restored my faith in myself.

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