14 Apr 2013

That's What Friends Are For.

The other day Swedish blogger Jeanna was talking about how, sometimes, when you're stressed and busy you stop prioritizing your social life and the stress make you grow too tired to listen to your friends. I'm for one is guilty of that, having a job when it's necessary that I'm on my best attentive and caring behavior at all times (no burying myself in a pile of papers with my headphones plugged in for me...) I sometimes come home from work during busy periods and I just want my 'me-time'. I am a firm believer in me-time and reflection but sometimes it's the stress talking and you get stuck with your own thoughts and starts overthinking, when you in reality would benefit from and enjoy the non-judgemental company of a good friend.

When I was ill and worried about my marathon it was my friend Zoe's wise words that got me back on track, reminding me to approach rest and recovery with the same discipline that I approach training. Today we went out for a 25k run, enjoying the sunshine and companionship, and yet again she gave me a proper pep-talk, reminding me how much I love running and how lovely the post marathon feeling is. On the last leg of the run I got to return the favor, getting her through the last few miles in the ridiculously strong head wind and that't when it struck me - that's what friends are for. Inspiring each other to be the best you can be but also safe in the knowledge that even if you're not at your best you still have someone that's got your back.

Yesterday I went out for a meal with one of my best friends, talking and laughing, ranting and lamenting, gossping but also getting stuck in the deep existential questions. Instead of staying in and worrying (or 'resting' as I sometimes call it...) I went out and reflected with a friend - and that's worth a lot. They say that ' shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow' and I think that's not only true but also something worth remembering when life has its ups and downs.

There's just no better way to spend a Sunday morning

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