17 Apr 2013

Recommended Reading

Today I've read two interesting pieces, very different from each other but none the less interesting.  I read a lot of blogs and pieces that people I follow on Twitter tweet or retweet about and today's two pieces are no different.

The first piece is from excellent bike blog I Bike London, a blog that talks about all things cycle related. A lot of it is about cycling in London and despite that this post talks specifically about cycling safely with lorries in London I do think it's applicable in many other cities. One comment states that 'Patience is a life saver' and that sure goes for cycling in any city.

The second piece I read on my phone in the changing room after having run some hillintervals at the gym this morning. It's a posted on a website called dangerouslyhardcore.com (I know I know, the name says it all) and discusses Why Women Should Not Run. The author talks about how steady state running at 65% of maximum heart rate or more will actually make you fat, as the more you run the more your metabolism slows down hence making you fatter. With this reasoning I'd be 150kg, being an avid fan of all things cardio....and obviously weight loss must be the only reson why someone would want to run, right?! Eh...read for yourself and make up your own mind as to whether it's complete BS or not.

P.S. if you want to read more about cycling and cycling in London I also warmly recommend Cyclists in the City, another excellent cycling blog.

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