13 Apr 2013

Adidas Booooooooost!

Oh my god I think I'm in love. I recently ordered the new hype shoe from Adidas, Boost, and today I did my first run wearing them - and I very much loved every second of it.

The first impression of the Energy Boost shoe is that they're so very light - and so very bright.... The lightness is a big plus and to be honest, the brightness is too (I've worn enough dark and dull colurs to last me a lifetime). The shoes are also very soft, using the techfit material/technology for upper support, which makes them very comfortably to wear even on your first run (and having a massive hallux valgus). But what about the actual boost then? The shoes feels a bit squidgey when walking but very nice and springey when running, giving you some extra bounce.

In short - I'm a Boost convert! The fit was great, the weight low and the feeling when running immense. I foresee many a wonderful runs in these shoes.

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