7 Apr 2013

New Reading

As I told you on Wednesday I'd ordered some books and yesterday they arrived (that's one thing I love with living in England,you get  mail on Saturdays). The first book I got is Racing Weight, which is not a diet book, but a book about performance wight management. It's a book about how to improve your diet quality in order to maximize the results of your efforts, A lot of it is 'common sense' but the book also give you a 6 step method to keep in mind. For me the lure of the book lies in the 'optimize your performance part'. I spend hours training in order to improve and cut time on my marathon and even though there's no 'aesthetic' reason for me to lose any weight (I'm not really skinny but I'm not obese either) I do find it interesting to see how much my performance could improve with less weight to drag around.

The second book I bought is Runner's World Run Less, Run Faster. As someone who likes to do different kinds of training the idea of having three key runs a week is very appealing. Reducing the risk for injury by running less but still getting faster is another great plus point and I look forward to delving into the book.. It also has training programs for the Boston Marathon, for all the 16 qualifying times.... Now, as Captain Slow I'd have to cut 20-25 minutes of my current marathon time to get under the qualifying time, but who knows - miracles do happen....

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