22 Apr 2013

'Are You I Pain?! Get Over It!'

Monday is Coach Martin-day. If I'm off or finished early I always head to BOOM! for a through workout and today was no different. As I was saying last week Coach Martin is all about commitment, as in commiting to the hour you're on the bike in front of him. Today I really had to commit and work through the pain, but despite the last ten minutes of the class being tough I stuck with it and for that I wont only be stronger physically but also mentally. You feel strong from knowing that you can take control over your pain, strong from knowing you wont back off or give up, strong from knowing that you can commit to the cause.

Pain will be a part of your life when you train hard. I don't mean pain as when having an injury but pain from pushing your body to work a harder than is comfortable. You need to get over the pain, as said today by semi-professional cyclist Martin and before by ex-professional cyclist Mark. They have firsthand experience on conquering pain and if I never knew what they meant before I learnt it in May last year when I ran the Edinburgh Marathon, and the last 10k were agonizing. My leg muscles were screaming 'STOP!' but as the stubborn mule I am I didn't, and I managed to reach my goal of finishing the marathon in less than four hours.

So what's the morale of the story? Well, in short you could say it's that you have to keep your eye on the prize and to reach that goal you're gonna have to work through some pain. It wont be easy, it will require commitment, but knowing you can soldier through it makes all the difference in a race.

My current favourite indoor cycling song, absolutely addicted. Coach Martin brings the tunes!

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