3 Apr 2013

Itching To Run

Being back in London I was meant to go back to work this morning, but this nasty cough I'm sporting at the moment prevented that. I've been sitting in my bed for most of the morning itching to run (stressing about the upcoming marathon....) but instead browsing the internet, willing my body to recovery as soon as possible. Seeing I can't write about my own training at the moment I'll instead share my thoughts and browsing history from this morning...:

  • Barefoot running: My housemate sent me this video where they talk about barefoot running/minimalist shoes. I wasn't all that interested in the whole thing, dismissing it as something only the really hardcore people did - until my big sister impressively went and ran an ultra (you can see her in the fourth picture, sporting no 2) and started using the Five Fingers for training. Now I am the owner of a several pairs of shoes with a minimalist design, and I love them!
  • Adidas Boost. So yeah, I caved in and got them (thank god for internet shopping). As much as I like the idea of minimalist shoes I do think I want a pair of more supported shoes for my marathon and I wanted to see what the hype was all about. Stay tuned for a later review!
  • Body weight exercises: Being a weak person I was mightily impressed when I stumbled over this! I like the idea of doing body weight exercises and I very much like the idea of being all bad ass and doing all these exercises. And sure, I can do a chin (ONE chin, nothing more) so I guess that's a start?!
  • Books: Run faster without getting burned out (good for those of us who are busy over-achievers) and weight management as means to better performance (for those of us who carry a few pounds too many but only want to shred them to perform better).
  • Stretching: A hot topic - should you stretch or not? I often feel a bit guilty for not stretching as much as I should(?!) but this article seem to suggest I shouldn't feel the least bit guilty...
  • Tights: I might have bought the most comfortable pair ever when I was home in Sweden, by Swedish brand Röhnisch. They've got this fairly high and broad waist which makes the fit and comfort great - I  can't wait to try them on!

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