21 Apr 2013

Here Comes The Sun

Ah, the sunshine has finally reached London again. It might be chilly but the blue skies and sunshine does significantly lift your spirit. Yesterday I enjoyed cycling from the east end to the gym in the west end through a sunny and quiet London. At Fitness First Baker Street Roo put us through our paces with a brilliant Body Pump session before I got on my bike again and headed to BOOM! Cycle where Debbie worked on our endurance for one tough hour.

After gymming, spinning and cycling I headed off to a friend's leaving do out in Colchester/Essex.I there met some very good and dear friends that I hadn't seen for a while and got all sorts of pep for my upcoming marathon - I might not have much faith in myself, but my lovely friends do!

All sleep deprived I'm now sitting in the sofa watching the London Marathon on telly (despite the race taking place on my doorstep....), and for the first time in a few weeks I am looking forward to my marathon next week. I might not hit my target time but this week has certainly reminded me that  I do love running and that's the only thing of real importance.

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