16 Apr 2013

Usain and I

I am the original Captain Slow. Well I know that techinally James May is but I think I'm actually better suited to be Captain Slow. I'm never going to be a female version of Usain Bolt and 99.9% of the time I'm fine with that. I might not be fast but I can go for hours and that's not too shabby either. When it comes to running I'm pretty happy to run 1-2k intervals, they're hard but my body sucks it up and the legs try their best to keep up with the (very) moderate pace. Every now and then I have a moment madness and decide that Usain and I should run together, like the wind.

Today was one of those days. Since I'm having a day off I slept in a little and headed to the gym for a 10.15am Body Pump class. My legs were feeling the effects from coach Martin's monster spinning yesterday but cycling to the gym they loosened up a little and I actually felt pretty strong during the class. Afterwards I had planned to do a little bit of running but for some reason I got these crazy idea that I should do short, fast intervals. Totally crazy, right?! I started out with a 5 minute warm up and the cranked up the speed. I did 1 minute at 15k/hour the recovered with a slow 1 minute jog and after three intervals I rested for two minutes. I repeated that two more times before finishing up with a few minutes running at marathon pace. Short, sweat and sweaty - I like it!

So what to make out of this session? Well, my breathing wasn't all that laboured but my legs felt a little slow and tired. I think this will have to be something that I do more often, in an effort to get out of my comfort zone and try and get a little bit faster. Not 'Usain Bolt'-fast but just a teeny bit faster, so that maybe I could me Vice Captain Slow instead.

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