12 Apr 2013

Back In The Saddle

Aaaah, today I was back in the saddle at BOOM! Cycle - and it was bloody marvellous! BOOM! is home away from home, with awesome and friendly Hilary and Robert making you feel like a proper member of the BOOM! family. It's a little fitness oasis in London, purpose built, state of the art and offering top quality workouts, all whilst blasting tunes and being hip yet welcoming - perfect for en endorphine junkie like myself.

Today I went to Mark's 'Turbo Cycle' class, 60 minutes of road cycling inspired/focused cycling giving everyone (regardless of ability or fitness level) a thorough work out. I hadn't been spinning since before easter, due to holidays and illness, and my legs buuuuurned as Mark led us through 3 hills, all with a combination of increasing steepness (is that even a word?!) leading onto a section of speedwork while keeping the resistance we've accumulated up the hills. Hard doesn't even being to cover it, but you know it's the kind of training that gives results. Chatting with some of the other girls in the changing rooms after the class we were all singing Mark's praises and we all stumbled out into a rainy east London on wobbly jelly legs but high on endophines.

Some of the awesome grafitti they've got on their walls.

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