30 Mar 2013

The Handstand

I've never been a particularly gymnastic person, as a kid I chickened out when attempting to do cartwheels and handstands and as an adult I've always felt like too much of a weak blob to manage. It's part fear of hurting myself and part lacking in confidence that's kept me from doing these things but I've always had a wish to be able to do them.

Since coming home I've been practicing chins under our stairs (and actually managing to aaaaaalmost do one strict chin) so I thought I'd face another demon from my past - the handstand. I enrolled my dad to help me, with balance and mental support. Since I'm not really strong or gutsy enough he had to help me get my legs the last bit up but I was still chuffed to be able to do a handstand! Now I want to be able to do it on my own and have been watching tutorials all morning. You know, if you can't train you can at least watch videos of other people training....

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