15 Mar 2013

The Search For The Ultimate Marathon Outfit

I want them all!

So it has begun. It happens every time I run a marathon, the wild chase for the ultimate marathon runnning outfit. It's not (only....) about looking my best whilst punishing my body over 26.2 consecutive miles and perspirating heavily, it's also about finding an outfit that doesn't leave too many marks on your body (no thick seams anywhere...), an outfit that's not too warm or too cold and will be comfortable during (at least most of) the race.

Now a lot of my free time is spent browsing the websites of my favourite brands (Craft, Adidas, Nike), looking for that perfect combination of shoes, socks, tights, shirt...but also checking the weather! Now, I know it's a tad early to know how the weather is going to be in the end of April so at the moment I have to plan for all eventualities - rain, snow, sandstorm, heatwave and earthquake - and this is where it gets tricky and stressful. My bank account is telling me to lay low, but my inner control freak just wants to buy all the things.

I am sure that my bank account and inner control freak will come to some sort of understanding and hopefully not ruin yours truly in the process. Until then, I'll keep browsing the internet for just a little while longer....

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