6 Mar 2013

Exercise of the Day

Coach Karl had us jumping like tennis balls the other week at Sunday Boot Camp, doing box jumps. This exercise strengthens and tones your legs, improves explosiveness and power and can help improve your running.

To perform a box jump you need a sturdy platform. If you got height adjustable one that's grand, otherwise find one that's at a (for you) good height. The height of the step/platform depends on your ability to jump as well as your height, but most people find their sweet spot somewhere between 12-24 inches.

Squat down in front of the step, as you do when preparing to jump for height. Jump onto the step and squat down when landing on the step. Jump back down again. You might find it beneficial to swing your arms when jumping, and some people advocate single leg box jumps.

Look at this video, and be in awe!

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