11 Mar 2013

Embrace The Weather (Or London, I Love You).

It's pretty damn cold in London today, it's been snowing on and off today and the wind is positively cruel. This morning I decided to run home from work, despite being sore as h*ll after yesterday's Boot Camp Beating, and all throughout the day everyone kept commenting on how cold it is. My motivation to run home sank with every comment about the weather but when I (finally) got out of work an hour late I'd made up my mind. I could either let the weather ruin my run, or I could embrace the weather.

I decided to embrace the weather. Sure it was cold, and at times the head wind was so strong I almost fell backwards, but London looked beautiful and the wind blew away the work induced head ache. I did a bit of fartlek, sprinted between road crossings at Euston Road, had to zig zag between people around King's Cross, did something of a hill intervall up Pentonville Road, increased the pace down City Road and then just enjoyed all the assaults on the senses that the east end offer during the final kilometres of the run. Once I crossed Regent's Canal in Mile End, and looked down on the bright lights of the Canary Wharf scyscrapers, there were nowhere else I'd rather be than here in London, running.

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