19 Mar 2013

Willpower Knows No Obstacles


You know what - lately my early morning runs have been, well, pretty rubbish. I've felt weak, not been able to push myself as much as wanted and have left the gym a bit dejected. Today I was determined to do better.

After my Body Pump session I hopped onto a treadmill with the aim to do some sort of intervals. I decided to do Olga intervals in the same format as I did last time so after a short warm up I cranked the speed up and set off. I ended up doing three 2 kilometre intervals and despite not feeling as weak as I did last Thursday they all demanded a fair bit of willpower. Luckily enough I've got plenty of willpower (or sheer obnoxious stubbordness, as my mum would say) so I gritted my teeth and powered through. The last kilometre on the last intervals was tough but I managed to push through it and when I was done I wanted to raise my hands over my head as a prize fighter. Willpower had once again won over tiredness and mentally I felt a little bit stronger.

Running has got a lot to do with willpower. Running a 20 mile race in the pouring rain requires willpower, as does getting up at 5.30am to run intervals and running home from work after a long day.  On marathon day you will both thank your willpower for all the training it has helped you do and test it once again. Your legs will ache, you will feel tired and you will start wondering why on earth you're running 26.2 miles when you could lay on the sofa eating chocolates - but that's where your willpower takes control over the situation and carries you over the finish line. Practice your willpower, as it knows no obstacles.

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