10 Mar 2013

Mud, Sweat and Tears (of exhaustion).

Well, the tears is a slight exaggeration but Coach Karl did put us through our paces this morning. After a warm up where the slowest sprinters had to do burpees we got divided into pairs and got to work at a kind of circuit. Each lap consisted of (between the two of us) 100 squats, 4 sprints, half a (fast paced) lap round the park, 50 push ups, 50 box jumps, then a whole (fast paced) lap of the park, and the aim was to do 3 laps - but the time limit was 20 minutes, meaning you had to keep the speed up....

The first lap was pretty hard, the second agony and the third....well, let's just say I was quite happy that  my friend Jane and I only managed two and a half laps. Coach Karl was on our backs, pushing us to squat lower ('Ass to the grass!'), sprint faster ('Keep your hips forward, lift your knees, use your arms!'), not cheat on the push ups ('Chest all the way to the ground!') and not slow down during the box jumps ('No resting between each jump!'). Now, this is the kind of training I like - hard and challenging but always with the support of your trainer. Coach Karl pushed us but made sure our technique was good throughout the session and also gave us constant praise for our hard work.

Cycling home the legs felt jellified and whilst I cursed the strong head winds when crossing London Bridge I still felt pretty damn awesome. Sunday Boot Camp, I think I love you.

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