9 Mar 2013

The Big Smoothie Experiment Pt 2

A week or so ago I started experimenting with smoothies. The first try was pretty much a failure, since I managed to produce the worst tasting smoothie ever. I think I described it as rank, but in hindsight I think that was understatement of the year.

Today I decided to try again, determined not to fail this time (I don't really do failure, you see). On my way home from the gym I stopped by Holland & Barrett and even though I'd planned to pick up some vanilla flavour protein powder I stopped myself, determined to make that pea protein powder work for me. After all, I have 1.5kg or so of it...but I did buy, on a whim, some milled flaxseed with probiotic & Vitamin D from Linwood. This moning I had put a chopped up banana in the freezer and earlier this week I had bought some frozen blue- and strawberries. I was all set for success.

After mixing my banana with some skimmed milk, the frozen berries, half a scoop of pea protein powder (as opposed to a full scoop last week) and a table spoon of my milled flaxseeds I anticipated a delicious smoothie. The smoothie was a lot better than last week, but the taste of the pea protein was still pretty intense. I might have to admit defeat and go and get myself another protein powder....

But let's not talk about my slightly failed smoothie anymore (it depresses me to think of yet another failure), let's instead talk about my trip to the gym! On Saturdays I frequently go all the way to the West End just to go to my fav instructor Roo's Body Pump class. All of you who've ever gone to a group exercise class know that an instructor can make or break your class. I want the instructors to inspire me to challenge my limits, and that's what Roo does. Today she'd put together a class with old favourites and it was god d*mn hard...muscles were shaking, sweat was dripping, people were gasping for air. After that effort I got on the treadmill and did 6 or so kilometres with some hills, just a bit quicker than race pace. It was in no way memorable, as I'd put most of my energy into the previous class, but it was nice just to get the legs moving a bit.

I had also brought my swimming costume (and swim cap, goggles and nose clip, obviously) with me but getting off the treadmill I felt tired and was gonna skip the swim. Then my inner control freak, that I talked about yesterday, surfaced and made me change into my swimming gear. The pool was busy with both swimming lessons for younger generation and super swimmers but I got in and got going...and I'll damned, but today I was a half-decent swimmer! I managed to improve my timing slightly and could glide without pulling prematurely, not to mention my kick! I have pretty strong legs and when I utilized them properly today my simming improved, and I got more time to breathe. If only coach Martin could have seen me....

My motto on my favourite hoodie

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