25 Mar 2013

Pain and Gain

'As soon as you accept that the last 20 minutes will be painful you'll feel better'
 Coach Martin at BOOM! Cycle isn't afraid to challenge you, and he doesn't hide the fact that it's going to hurt. If you're willing to subject yourself to a little bit of pain and lactic acid then Coach Martin will help you get results. Today's session focused heavily on working around the anaerobic threshold and you know what - that just ain't easy! 2x20 minutes hills, with a short rest in between, at just under, on and over anaerobic threshold. Constant intensity and accumulation of lactic acid.
Training isn't always easy, quite the opposite actually. To get results you will need to challenge yourself and it will be uncomfortable - maybe even painful. Some people are quite happy to just do 'feel good'-training but I'm not, I want to be pushed to my limits and redfine them. Sometimes I succeed, other times I fail - but I'd rather know I tried and failed, than that I didn't try at all. Today my legs were strong and I know I walked out of that studio a little bit stronger than before and that's enough to motivate me to love the burn.


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