12 Mar 2013

Tackle The Impossible.

Some things seem pretty impossible to you. For some it's running a full 5 kilometres, for others (like me...) it's front crawling a full kilometre. I know that practice makes perfect but sometimes it's pretty disheartening to practice, practice and practice without, seemingly, making any progress. Yet you just got to keep going, keep tackling what seems impossible. Every now and then you'll make a bit of a breakthrough, enough to motivate you to keep you going, only to then again feel like you're making no progress whatsoever.

I know I am making progress with my 'impossible' task. It's slow going, painfully slow even, but I am making progress. I can't call myself a swimmer yet, but I'm getting there. The swim cap doesn't seem all that alien anymore, the goggles have become my friends and I don't come out in a rash just by the thought of wearing a swimming costume anymore....and I know I'll just have to keep my head down and carry on, whilst telling myself that Rome wasn't built in a day.

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