13 Mar 2013

'From Here To The Top There's Nothing But PAIN'.

As the headline hints Coach Mark at BOOM! Cycle doesn't sugar coat things, and he doesn't do things by healf measures. There's just no such thing as an easy session with Mark and today was no different.

Today he put us through 2x20 minutes of progressively steeper hills (until your heart felt like it was about to dislodge itself from your chest) and finished (us) off with a 4.5 minute time trial followed straight away by a short 5 minute hill and 4x30 seconds high intensity hill sprints.  It was tough, it was sweaty, it was intense and there was nothing to do but to love the burn (because it was almost ever present)......

Actually, to say it was tough is understatement of the year. To use a popular Mark saying we were all 'chewing the handlebars' at more than one occasion and my hamstrings almost seized up towards the end of the session but Mark's got a strange way of making you work through the pain and claim your rewards from it.  Always focusing on quality ahead of quantity, always reconnecting back to road cycling and always specifying the reason why he makes us do the things we do. Clear, concise and with great results. Coach Mark, I salute you!

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