8 Mar 2013

No Drinking Till Marathon Day

You heard me. In preparation for this year's marathon I've deicded to swear off alcohol the last two months before the big day. Will it help? Well, in all honesty I do not drink that much - it's not easy getting up for a 20 mile run if you feel like someone's kicked your head repeatedly and then gotten the norovirus five times over - but who knows?! To be honest, I'll try (almost) anything just as long as I get under 4 hours again *

I also think it's good to test yourself every now and then, and I tell you I would be very worried if I couldn't stay off alcohol for two months. Ask me to stay off coffee though and I'll reply with a firm 'no'. Alcohol might not be essential for my existence, but I'm pretty sure caffeine is....

(*everyone's welcome to wait at the finish line with a pint though)

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