8 Jan 2013

Tracks of the Treadmill

If there's one thing I love besides running it's music, so combining the two is for me perfect. Sometime when I've acquired a new album I put it on my iPhone and go on a long run so that there's nothing to distract me from the music and sometimes when I'm feeling really tired it's the music that carries me through my run. Yesterday I was running home from work, and I felt awesome...so I listened to songs that 'accentuated' that and the whole 11k's were like a celebration. This morning, not so much....I was stuck on the treadmill today, having to squeeze in my running before my 11h shift. I'd decided to spice up my run with a hill interval program, as I find it extremely boring to just run and run on the treadmill (and not get anywhere!), but my legs felt heavy. I was hungry (this was before breakfast) and a tad uninspired, wishing I was back in bed. It was time to crack out the best tracks of the treadmill, those kind of songs that almost do the running for you. I blasted some Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club etc and boom! the 45 minutes were up and I could stagger to the showers for a well deserved wash. This song came on as I was starting the think I might skip the last interval but when I heard what song it was there was no such option - the only option was to keep on running!

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