30 Jan 2013

A Moment of Calm

After a 10 hour day at work and a 2 hour spin class I'm now having a moment of calm, drinking my camomille tea that my housemates love making fun of. I'm a big coffee lover but my tummy doesn't like the copious amounts I can drink in a day so I've started to swap some of the cups of coffee for mugs of camomille tea. Hopefully my tummy will like me for that decisions, and maybe I can become a bit more calmer and have a more zen-like approach to  all the things that normally drives me up the walls....

Now, back to that spin class...it was pretty freaking awesome! Two of my favourite instructors were team teaching and provided me with a very complete two hour session - speed, strength and endurace work were mixed with aerobic and anerobic intervals. I came out of the studio drenched in sweat but with endorphines pumping through my veins!

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