27 Jan 2013

Strong is the new Skinny

Today I ran 21k with my friend Zoe. The sun was shining, the wind was warm, my legs felt light and like I could go on forever. The dominating feeling throughout this run was pure happiness. Happiness is having a strong and healthy body, that wont let me down as long as I treat it well. There's a world of difference at the two pictures above. Not only is there a 25 kg difference in weight but also a massive difference in how I feel about my body. On the right hand picture I'm at my lowest weight ever, with no energy, no strength and no real joy. My only goal in the morning at that time was to get through the day without eating too much. On the picture to the left I probably carry 5kg too much but I'd also just finished my second marathon, the Edinburgh Marathon, on a personal best (sub 4h, 3h59mins) and despite being tiiiiired I still felt pretty awesome and strong - and not to mention happy!

Nowadays I'm enjoying my life. I enjoy being able to run for hours, lift heavy weights and eating Chocolate Digestives without having a panic attack. For me strong really is the new skinny.

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