22 Jan 2013

Pick and Choose

A lot of the time when I've done an early morning session in the gym people say things like 'you're mad' or 'that's a bit obssessive'. Maybe it is mad and/or obssessive but for me it's everyday life, some people make time to watch their favorite tv-sjow, I make time to go to the gym. I can't do as it says on the picture above and choose one - I work in operating theatres at a private hospital and 3-5 days a week I work from 9am to 8pm or later and there's just not time to do my training apart from in the mornings. Today was one of those days so I hit the gym at 7am for a body pump session followed by some intervals on the treadmill and I was at work by 10am. I had planned to go spinning at 6.15am tomorrow, before starting work at 8.15am, but my legs told me during today's intervals that they wanted a (well deserved) rest tomorrow. We all make choices in our lives and hopefully my choices will keep me from ending up at the hospital floor as a patient. What's your choice?

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