20 Jan 2013

Thumbs Up for the Snow!

When I lived in Sweden I ran in the snow a lot, so much I was probably known as the crazy chick running 20k in -15C.... Since moving to London I have, well, gotten out of the habit (we don't get much snow here) but today I got to refresh my snow running skills. My friend Zoe and I had set a time and date for our first long run date and who am I to back out of that just because it's snowing?! Would a northern Swede surrender to some snow?! Hell to the no! We met as planned outside Mile End Tube station at 10am and set off along the canals towards Tottenham. I had almost forgotten how nice it is to have company on the long runs and both time and kilometers flew by. The snow made it a bit harder to run and the wind was pretty grim so we ended up cutting the run a bit shorter tha planned but we still did a solid 16k - which is a lot more than we'd have done if we'd stayed on the couch! The glove above is part of the reason why the run was so enjoyable...my hands are normally almost without circulation and long runs in the winter can be, to say the least, a grim affair for my hands. The above glove is the Siberian Winter Glove from Swedish brand Craft and is really my new winter bike gloves but today they kept my hands warm and snug despite the biting wind. Apart from being wind-and waterproof, with a thick insulation they've also got an extra long cuff with velcro which ensures no chill or wind creeps into the glove...amazing! Hopefully they'll work well for my cycling as well!

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