2 Jan 2013

Keep calm and go running!

'One day back at work and I have already agreed to work overtime next Saturday although I don't really want to. My rota next week is a bit sh*t, and it's raining outside. Plus it's ages before we get paid!' That's what went through my head when I was getting changed at work this afternoon. But, as I was was pulling on my running tights and lacing up my shoes, all the irritation slowly left me so when I turned into Euston road and my legs felt ever so good I had the biggest grin plastered on my face. By the time I was home I felt great, slightly invincible and proper pumped for my upcoming marathon - and that's part of the reason I love running! I'm a natural born worrier (I worry about most things) but running makes me calm, like a natural and legal Valium.

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