10 Jan 2013

Three times as good??!

I am on a mission. The mission is to complete a triathlon this year....I took up front crawling last autumn when I signed up for a swim course (although I'm still a very poor front crawler and I have not been practising as I should lately), I bought a road bike and the running is always present. Yesterday I did my first brick training session of the year, in an effort to spice up my triahtlon training and give myself an incentive to properly start swim training again. Brick training is simply two sessions put together, in this case cycling followed by running, to make your legs used to the transition. Yesterday's cycling session was a leg killer with a girl called Debbie chez BOOM! Cycle, and the running part was carried out on stiff legs. But the swimming part just depresses me. I get really stressed when I go to the pool and see these amazing front crawlers and I end up not going at all as I feel way to inadequate what with only being able to do a few laps before my breahing gets all out of sunc. Hopefully I can get my swimming mojo back next week, when my swimming course starts up again.

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