6 Jan 2013

No One Has Ever Drowned in Sweat

Today was a close call though, when I hit BOOM! Cycle for a neat double whammy - 75mins + 45 mins with pro triathlete Daz. I sweat a lot whenever I exercise and especially when spinning. Today put us through 2 hours of endurance intervals, working alternately at a percieved exertion rate of 8 and 8.5 out of 10, with a few recovery sessions of 7.5 out of 10. It sounds pretty neat, long aerobic intervals and not flat out vo2 max intervals, but when applied you suffer. It requires discipline and that you're honest with yourself (you've got to keep up the exertion rate for a long time and not slack off!). For me who's running a marathon in April this is perfect, as I will be running for roughly 4 hours at a higher exertion rate. When the two sessions/hours were up I was, to say the least, drenched in sweat but I also knew that I walked away from the spin studio a little bit stronger than before!

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