30 Jan 2013

Racing Season is (Almost) Here!

I'm not a very fast runner, so racing wont bring me much glory but what I love about running a race is that it make me try my very hardest. It gives me a clear goal to focus on and challenge me to up my game. Last year my goal for the Edinburgh Marathon was to get under 4 hours, which I did with 6 seconds to spare but I don't think I'd have been able to push myself as I did if it wasn't because I was racing. This year I'm - so far - planning on running the Orion 15 (best cross country race in London!), the Greater Manchester Marathon (another sub 4h effort is the goal) and  Jämtland på Fötter Half Marathon (a fairly local half marathon when I'm home visiting the parents this July). Are you doing any races this year?

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