25 Feb 2013

Walk Like An Octogenarian.

Yup, that's me today. You know when you think 'Oh what do those PT/Coach types really know??!'. Well, I can tell you that they know how to make you ache in pretty much every muscles you have. I mean, I think I'm pretty fit. I lift weights. I can easily pull off a 25k run. Did someone mention 2h spiningclasses?! Yup, I can do that too. But make me do a 60 minute boot camp session, using only your body weight, and I walk like an arthritic ridden octogenarian.

Considering my current state it was a good thing that I got up at the crack of dawn and did a body pump class before I'd realized how sore I was, and that I'd already planned to run home from work.... Now I'm planted in the sofa, wrapped up in my electrical blanket, drinking Yogi Choco Tea. Let's not get into how I got a massive bump on the top of my head while practising back stroke yesterday - I've already been ridiculed enough at work!

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