5 Feb 2013

Up Your Game!

I'm not a 'real' weightlifter. I enjoy lifting weights, but not as much as I enjoy running or cycling. When I do weights it's at the moment mainly when I do Body Pump, as it's pretty time effective. I try to load up as much weight as I safely can and still focus on my technique. This morning I decided to try and increase my squat weight, as I've been stuck on 35kg for quite some time now. It's mainly my upper body strength that restricts my leg weight, as I have to clean and press the bar up on my shoulders....and I don't have much upper body strength. Today I added on an extra 2.5kg and actually did manage to clean and press the bar up! 37.5 kg is now my new squat weight and it felt good. Now I only have a 100 squats to do later tonight as a part of my February challenge....

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