3 Feb 2013

Just Run.

Having been priviliged enough to have company on my last two long slow distance runs I didn't feel all that inspired to go out and run alone this morning. Not to mention that it was 3C, windy and overcast and you can guess how (un)inspired I was. To psyche me up I put on my favourite tights from Craft, plugged in my iPod and set off aiming for at least 15k (my training programme said 8 miles). The first few kilometres I was waiting for the legs to feel tired and heavy, as it's been a while since I've had a rest day (bad, I know) but it just...never happened! Before I knew it I'd done 8k and since I wasn't the least bit tired or cold I decide to carry on. At 11k I still felt fine and perky but I decided to turn around anyway, and not overdo it. The run home was a delight, shuffle kept playing tunes and the legs just did their own thing...and for every step my smile got a bit wider. 2 hours and 7 minutes after I set out I was back home, heaps happier than before my run and 22.6 kilometres richer.  I also realized that this is why I love running - it makes me so god d*mn happy!

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