21 Feb 2013

Inspirational People

I love an inspiring story, especially when you're cold, tired and feel like training is going nowhere. Triathletes inspire me the most, along with ultra runners. These people push themselves to the max, for hours at a time, and make you believe the unbelievable. Them pushing their limits make you feel like you can push yours.

One especially inspiring person for me is Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee. He won the Olympic gold in triathlon after having had a torn Achilles tendon earlier in the year. Instead of giving up and sitting around waiting for the injury to heal he decided to take matters into his own hands. He started using the public pool for his rehab water running but as it was very crowded he built his own pool in his front garden, to stay in shape while injured. Before the Olympics he only got 6 weeks 'proper' training but still fought his way to an Olympic gold.

If Alistair Brownlee can manage an Olympic gold with a less than ideal preparations then surely the rest of us can manage to reach out more moderate goals?! Don't give up or give in but fight your way back - even if it means you have to take a detour!

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