9 Feb 2013

Fat Burner Masterclass

Today I was invited to a Fat Burner Masterclass by the lovely people at BOOM! Cycle in Shoreditch. BOOM! runs plenty of specialty classes, from Performance and Fat Burning Masterclasses to Three Hour Sessions and Hip Hop Cycle, but this one was slightly special as it was being filmed by the BBC as a part of a series they're doing about health, fitness, the weightloss industry, the importance of being skinny and so on. The class was run by Mark Clarke, a previous elite cyclist who's gone via a career in the City back to personal training and creating two certified fitness industry training courses.
The class started out with a short talk about fat burning zones when training, nutrition and how to implement fat burning into your everyday life, and then we put it all into practice over a 60 minute cycle class.  Throughout the talk and the class the BBC filmed and afterwards they interviewed Coach Mark - and also yours truly, alongside two other regular spinners! We had a good little chat about what motivated us to start spinning, how much of a motivator weightloss/management and being skinny is and our thoughts about the obesity epidemia vs the desire to be skinny.  All in all it was a very rewarding afternoon, with plenty of food for thought - and with a proper good, tough workout!

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  1. I wish there are also some fatburner classes here in my place to help me in losing my weight. It gets boring if you are working out alone.