17 Feb 2013

'Aren't You a Little Obsessed?'

Sometimes regular exercise/training seems to really annoy people.  Words like 'obsessed' are being tossed around, because surely no one trains so much without being obsessed. It seems like training/exercising isn't really allowed to be a hobby. You're allowed to hit the gym to lose weight or shape up, but you shouldn't like it, and you shouldn't do it too often. If  you do, then surely you're obsessed. With this reasoning then everything that you like to do on a regular basis is an obsession?! Or can the word only be used when describing regular exercising?

I like exercising. Running is my hobby, cycling makes me happy, swimming is my challenge and lifting weights is an accomplishment. All these things keep me fit and healthy, they make me better equipped to deal with my everyday life, reduces stress levels and boost my immunesystem. Is that being obsessed, or being dedicated to living the best life you can? You tell me.

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