10 Feb 2013

Long Intervals

3 - 1 - 3 - 1. Those were the magic numbers, in today's long interval running session. In marathon training long intervals can be of great help to increase speed and stamina. Often people talk about 1 kilometer intervals as the intervals to do when training for a marathon but seeing that the race you're training for in actually 42.2 kilometer you will benefit greatly from even longer intervals (2-3 kilometers). Today I had set my mind to do two 3 kilometer long intervals and two 1 kilometer long intervals. The long intervals I ran at a pace of 12.5k/h and the shorter at 13k/h, with a 0.5k rest in between them. It was a fairly tough session, my legs felt a bit heavy after the Body Pump session I'd done earlier and my calves were still a bit stiff after Friday's session but I executed the run quite well - and the feeling after a punishing interval session is amazing!

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