15 Feb 2013

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

It's really scary yet equally exciting to step out of your comfort zone, ot at least it is for me. It kind of makes me feel like that first day in school as a kid....worrying about not being cool or good enough. This year I've decided to try two things I've been wanting to try for ages - crossfit & triathlon - and instead of worrying about making a fool of myself I am gonna embrace the challenge and appreciate the butterflies flying around in my tummy. I'm alright with failing, but I want to know that I at least tried - and to fail or succeed I need to be a beginner again, a beginner that as stepped outside of her comfort zone and into the big unknown.

This morning I was firmly stuck in the comfort zone though, running 1 kilometre intervals in the shoes on the picture below. I did five 1k intervals, and finished off with two 400m sprints, and while the legs didn't feel great they didn't feel rubbish either. It wasn't one of those sessions that make me throw my hands up in the air upon finishing, like a boxer having delivered a knock out blow. It was a mediocre session but what it positive that what's now mediocre used to be almost unattainable when I started training for my first marathon. Sometimes it really is the little things, eh.

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