23 Feb 2013

Friendly Running

Today I went running with my friend Andy, a self proclaimed non-runner who has signed up for a 15k race, hence needing a bit of coaching on how to run longer than 5k. One of my sisters is the same, she doesn't call herself a runner as she doesn't run to race and only runs to keep fit.

Do you have to run to race to be a runner? Is there some sort of specific equipment required to be a 'proper' runner? A special mind set? Do you have to follow a strict running regime? I definitely don't think so, for me a runner is somone who runs. We all have different goals with out running, but whatever your goal is you're a runner as long as you lace up your shoes and go running.

Andy and I did 12k today, and I'm confident he'll run his 15k in style. I added on a another 6k by running home and all of a sudden I had done an impromptu semi-long run. A lovely run, with a lovely friend, now that's quality of life.

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