22 Feb 2013

Someone Who is Busier Than You is Running Right Now

Earlier today I read about Jeanna being in a rush so she decided to do run time effective hill interval session. Hill intervals are not only time effective, they're also give great results. Another very time effective interval session is 'Björgen intervals',  as favoured by amazing skier Marit Björgen. The format is simple, 4x4 minutes, but don't let that fool you - these babies are hard! You see, they're V02 max intervals meaning that you'll spend four minutes running at roughly 90-95% of your max pulse. But for time efficiency, they're great! With a five minute wam up, three two minute active rests between the intervals and a three minute cool down you can have the session done in 30 minutes - is that time effective or what?! Some people will advocate a three minute rest inbetween the intervals, but that's up to you. If you really do manage to push your heart rate up to 95% you might need the three minute rest.

After my Body Pump class today I ran that exact interval session, except that I added on 4x2 minute intervals in a little bit higher pace but even with cool down I was still done within 45 minutes. The legs felt pretty good, my breathing was easy and I probably could have pushed myself a little bit harder than I did...but in the same way it was  nice to run a good hard session and still feel strong. Did I feel like I hit 95% of my maximum heart rate? No, but I probably was hovering around 90%.  A heart rate monitor is definitely on the top of my 'to buy'-list!

Sometimes V02 max intervals can be a bit tricky, as it's about finding a pace which you can hold for four minutes yet you should be proper tired by the end of each interval and that balance can be hard to find. Some people will run with a heart rate monitor (the absolute best way to do it, but then you also need to know your max pulse) but if you don't you'll just have to go on feel and percieved exertion. It's a great workout regardless, and no matter how busy you are you should be able to fit in a 30 minute run!

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